What we don’t accept:

  • Mouldy, Ripped or stained furniture or bedding

  • Car tyres

  • Damaged/rusty batteries

  • Chemicals/Solvents/Round up etc.

  • Florescent light bulbs

  • Water damaged MDF, chipboard etc.

  • Rotten timber (Including window and door frames)

  • Very large or heavy items (Ex. Pianos/pool tables/windows over 2.5m)

  • Life jackets

  • Child car seats/baby walkers

  • Motorbike or push bike helmets

  • Smoke detectors

  • Very rusty materials

CReW reserves the right to refuse any items not suitable for resale for various reasons including occasional limited space for certain items.  Please don’t be offended if your goods are rejected as we need to be able to find a market for anything that we accept. 

These are items that CReW does not accept but can be taken for free to the Transfer Station just down the road in Te Tahi Street:

  • Paint 

  • Gas bottles

  • All of your household recycling (Cardboard/plastics/tin cans etc.)

If you have questions regarding the disposal of rubbish direct them to Waste Management which operates the Transfer Station at 44/46 Te Tahi Street. Phone: 07 308-9190

Waste Management Technical Services handles the disposal of hazardous materials

They are located at 31 Gateway Hub – Phone: 07 307-0948

Click here to find out what reusable resources CReW accepts