Community led workshops incorporating waste minimisation themes are encouraged at CReW. There are three educational rooms for tutor’s to choose from within Pou Whakaaro and CReW:



A medium sized room to accommodate up to approximately 10 people. An ideal room to run painting workshops, paper clay workshops, upcycling projects and so forth with plenty of power points and some tools available. There is a large roller door for plenty of ventilation.

The COMMON ROOM @ Pou Whakaaro

A large clean room which accommodates up to 30 people. An ideal room for demonstration workshops, needlework, sewing, soap making workshops and so forth. This space has hot running water plus an overhead projector and screen are also available on request.



The ART ROOM @  Pou Whakaaro

A medium sized room for up to 10 people. A great space for seated workshops such as card making, candle-making, small scale drawing, bookmaking and so forth.

There are some requirements needed to lead a community led workshop at Pou Whakaaro/CReW as outlined in the Community Led Guide.

Phone Pou Whakaaro on: 07 3088170 to request a copy of this guide.