CReW welcomes small group tours through CReW which includes schools, environmental groups and the general public.

There is a process to follow whilst on tours at CReW and bookings for tours need to be made well in advance. For all enquires phone CReW at 07 308 5963 or email:

Nukuhou North School tour through CReW

Nukuhou North School did a pilot tour through CReW in 2018 starting at the inwards area then weaving through the salvage yard, then into the ground and mezzanine floors of the CReW shop, and finishing at the main entrance to CReW

Students were encouraged to talk about the huge variety of items that they saw on the tour and each student received a CReW gift bag with items in each pillow slip. 

Back at their school the students made interesting sculptures from reusable resources donated to CReW found in their gift ‘bags’.